Where to next?

Any good business is always looking for what’s next for their technology. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” etc.

At Eternel Hemp, there are a number of ways that we’ve built agility into our business model.

1) Move to new cannabis-related businesses - With the stroke of a pen or a vote of the people, eleven states plus DC have made recreational marijuana legal for adults. No matter where our urban farms are, such as in our hometown of Wilmington, DE, all it will take is a change at the federal or state level and we’ll have a whole new field to venture into. Converting to marijuana from industrial hemp is a matter of a change of seeds and more security.

2) Each of our buildings is designed such that we can have a server farm installed. Data centers are the biggest, most expensive investments that many of the world’s largest companies are making. Data centers are necessary for running everything on the internet. As we use more data, we need more data centers. The buildings that Eternel Hemp is retrofitting are designed to be simple to convert to data centers. Additional air conditioning and an upgraded power supply (and not by much), and you have the ideal location for a data center. Because we’re locating our urban farms right in the hearts of major cities, the centers are close to population centers, which is exactly where they’re needed.

Unlike other business models that only see one possibility, the model at Eternel Hemp is designed to pivot with very little notice and provide profits to investors, owners, and staff.

We’ve created this business model out of the lessons of the last several recessions. We realize that the businesses that died were the ones that didn’t have two or three realistic backup plans to their core business model.

We're confident that Eternel Hemp has the plans to grow into the future, delivering profits the entire time.

Learn more about our business model on our website:

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