We're The Team The Industry Needs

As we navigate through the still largely uncharted territory of legal hemp, it continues to strike us how much team matters. There’s a delta between the legitimate players and those looking to capitalize on a loosely regulated hot crop.

We’ve selected a leadership team diverse in industry expertise. These people bring with it the professionalism the industry needs to fix the supply chain. We have a clear product market focus - we focus on grow excellence and product quality. And we lead with our social mission, we want to do well by doing good.

We’ve seen countless and quite frankly questionable behaviors and business practices since we started this company. Still, we soldier on. We consider it a red flag when people are surprised that you end up doing what you said you'd do. We’re anticipating regulation coming to our industry, and we welcome it. We think it will clear the space of low quality, questionable products and brands. Hemp’s reputation will benefit from, and a high tide raising all (remaining) ships. Eternel Hemp Farms aims to fix the supply chain issues that have challenged the industry. Our strategy involves taking advantage of technology, engineering scalable energy efficient grow solutions and providing consistently high quality organic products and services to the market. And, at the core of doing all of this is our mission to hire returning citizens, formerly incarcerated individuals, as integral members of our business community and operational practices.. while sharing our bottom-line success with all of our employees. It's heavy lift for any organization, but we’re feeling like we’re the right team for the job. Critically, the five general partners bring decades of experience and proven track records in our respective areas.

I’ve been in the tech and real estate industries for over 20 years. I've worked for, owned, ran and managed a variety of companies in different industries across multiple continents. I've been an investor for multiple years in technology ventures and various multi family and commercial real estate projects. I started my career as a developer quickly moving into management and upper-management positions. I have seen how nuanced strong teams at all levels operate within a variety of market conditions. With that, I believe my partners' resumes speak for themselves and outline how our diversity of thought and our caliber of strategic execution will position Eternel Hemp to become very successful as this industry grows and matures. My co-founder, Ashish Khatana specializes in Opportunity Zone, Urban Farming, early stage wellness ventures, and Multifamily investments throughout the Northeast/mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S. His career focus has been in real estate investment & development, including selection of new markets, acquisitions, design, entitlements, financing, build out of teams and management. He's completed $2 billion in real estate acquisition and development projects where he served in either execution or management roles. He's also acquired and or developed in excess of 12,000 multi-family units, various urban mixed-use residential/retail projects, and multiple single family neighborhoods. Our Chief Agronomist, Matt Brewer is a veteran of the cannabis industry ranging from the front to the back office, and much more. You would be hard pressed to find a Chief Agronomist with more experience than Matt. He’s cultivated some of the world's best genetics and systems that have been replicated or imitated across North and South America. He’s designed, constructed, and maintained growing systems ranging from passive solar greenhouses, aquaponics systems, to no-till outdoor fields, and low energy indoor growing areas. He innovates techniques proven to not only navigate the complex world of craft cannabinoids, but to remain compliant with local and state regulatory agencies. On top of that, he’s potentially the most interesting man in the world. We’ll be featuring Matt Brewer soon. Our Head of Business Development, Dan Schoenbachler is a real estate specialist. He understands the ins and outs of the asset acquisition side of our business. He’s the founder of an investment firm specializing in commercial real estate and other alternative assets. Currently a co-General Partner of 892 units across 5 multi-family properties totaling $116MM in value. Having a background in financial services and commercial/residential Real Estate, a strategic approach is taken to analyzing lucrative opportunities for investors to obtain strong cash flow and tax benefits. New to the team and leading our marketing and brand story is Andrew Stadelberger. Andrew comes to us from the media industry, where he’s been for the past 15 years. He spent most of that time in the ad industry pitching and producing work household names and running production departments for the ad industry’s most storied studios. We’re leaning on his skills and network to make sure our presentation matches our caliber.

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