Our focus

At Eternel Hemp, we have two main focus points:

1) Removing supply chain risk for distributors and brands requiring high quality, pesticide free hemp.

2) Solve the recidivism crisis by providing returning citizens (formerly incarcerated individuals)

employment, skills training and mentorship opportunities.

Unlike many businesses, we’ve created a business model that allows us to accomplish the two major needs of business in the 21st century (as we see it): profit-making and a social purpose.

How we accomplish point 1:

The supply chain risk for distributors and manufacturers comes from distance and need. If a grower on the other side of the country experiences a fire or has to destroy their crop because the THC level is too high, the brand can find itself without any raw material.

Because we grow locally, we’re able to supply our local brands more easily. We won’t suffer many of the natural issues that outdoor growers experience. Keeping the supply near the demand, we can ensure that the supply chain is so short we can keep complete control over it.

How we accomplish point 2:

Recidivism is an epidemic that disproportionately affects minority communities, including the neighborhood in Wilmington, Delaware, where our first urban farms are to be located.

We hire returning citizens, those who have been released from prison, to provide them a livelihood in a world that doesn’t give them a lot of opportunities.

Point 1 is obvious in its positive effects.

Point 2 is vital to keeping our national economy alive. While we’re only going to be able to help a few hundred people, it’s a small dent in the hundreds of thousands of people affected by this issue.

What are your company’s missions/focuses? Does your company have social and business focuses delineated?

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