Off the System

Many times, we’re asked at Eternel Hemp, “Is this kind of like a charity business?”

No. Not at all. It’s a socially conscious business that’s been created to help our local communities overcome one of the most damaging and difficult problems we have: recidivism.

According to the US DOJ, “Five in 6 (83%) state prisoners released in 2005 across 30 states were arrested at least once during the 9 years following their release.

“About 4 in 9 (44%) prisoners released in 2005 were arrested at least once during their first year of release.”

Nearly 50% of released prisoners are rearrested in their first year of release.

Is it because jail is so much fun? The food is great?

No, of course, not. It’s usually because when they get home, it takes about a day to realize they have no prospects. There’s no way they’ll get a job, own a car, rent an apartment, have a normal life.

Everything in society starts with a job. Moreover, it starts with a good paying job. Minimum wage is below the poverty level. There’s no way to survive on a job like that, if you can find one.

At Eternel Hemp, we don't give handouts. We create jobs, good-paying green collar jobs, in a field that has a growing demand.

By starting our business in our hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, right in the heart of the city, we can provide jobs to people who need them, good citizens who made bad choices.

This will reduce the recidivism rate, reduce the prison population, and reduce the burden on the taxpayers. What seems like a charitable act is pure capitalism. We find smart people who want to work. We train them. We give them a good wage.

They, in turn, give us loyalty, hard work, and a commitment because we provide an opportunity to personal success.

Does your company have a plan for helping those with convictions? Do you employ persons with felony records?

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