Jobs, not Jail

Anyone who’s ever known someone who has gone to jail knows that the path to “normal” citizenship is long and extremely difficult. Everything from getting a job to renting an apartment is much harder when you have a criminal record.

This is much worse in minority communities where there are already too few jobs.

A cycle of recidivism is created. When the only way to make a living is to break the law, you do what you have to survive.

That’s why Eternel Hemp was created. Seeing the massive profit potential of hemp, we decided to create a business based on two missions:

1- Delivering profits and returns for our investors and employees. We even offer profit-sharing after one year of employment.

2- Creating a place where those with a criminal record can get a second chance to live successfully in society. Good paying jobs with doors open for those with a record are few, but we’re creating them. This gives us an amazing, untapped employee pool to choose from.

Want to know more about our business model? Click here:

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