“I just want to work.”

The plight of those who’ve made poor decisions in their past is fraught with statements just like this.

Many of these people, usually young men, made bad decisions that landed them in prison. When they tried to return to society, they discovered that society didn’t really want them.

The doors to legitimate employment are blocked. Even housing is difficult, so they end up being dependent on others for a roof over their heads.

As a major part of the Eternel Hemp business plan, we’re creating new, Green jobs for returning citizens, creating a pathway to success. Their employment includes training and even profit-sharing. Most importantly, it includes respect.

Everyone has made mistakes in their past. We shouldn’t be forced to pay for those mistakes our entire lives, and yet that’s precisely how society treats those who have a criminal conviction.

Eternel Hemp and a network of nationwide farms are setting out to change all of that.

Be a part of the change (and make money on your investment) by putting your investment dollars into Eternel Hemp.

Go to to learn more.

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