Hemp plastics

Plastic made from hemp is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

It can be used almost everywhere that fossil fuel plastics can be used. It’s energy efficient and, when it decomposes, it actually makes the soil better.

At Eternel Hemp, we’re always looking to the green future of hemp to see what the next big thing might be. Hemp plastics are on that list.

Stepping away from fossil fuel plastics offers several advantages:

1) Taking fewer fossil fuels out for things that can be replaced by something else means that energy prices will drop.

2) Using hemp, instead of say corn, will have less impact the food supply.

3) The same hemp plant can be used several ways, so you’re getting more than a single product out of the plant.

Green products are the future, not because of government regulations, but because consumers will demand it.

Hemp plastic is on the list of things that we think you’ll begin to see on store shelves.

What hemp products do you expect to see in stores?

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