Hemp, marijuana, cannabis?

We’re often asked if hemp and marijuana are the same thing.

The answer is yes, with some differences.

All the plants in questions are cannabis. There actually is no separate plant species called marijuana or hemp. Technically, they are all genetically the same plant.

The difference is that the plants commonly referred to as marijuana have high levels of THC, the chemical that alters your consciousness, that gets you high. Hemp has very low levels or no THC at all. Its primary purpose is industrial, including making CBD oil, paper, fuel, and more.

Many purists will call all of these variations cannabis, and they’re 100% correct.

The average person refers to them as different plants for the sake of convenience.

At Eternel Hemp, we grow only low- to no-THC hemp. Legal in all 50 states and at the federal level, our plants are an industrial product used, primarily, for the creation of CBD oil for health and wellness purposes.

Is this a distinction that makes sense? Do you find that the terms can be confusing?

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