Green Collar is the 21st Century

At Eternel Hemp, we teach people to succeed in the new Green Collar economy, particularly hemp growing and processing. Our company will grow hemp in an indoor farm in the heart of Wilmington, DE.

A huge part of our mission is to employ returning citizens, those coming back from prison, to give them a pathway to a successful life outside of the criminal world.

Green Collar jobs will grow exponentially in the next 50 years. As hemp reclaims its place as a major resource in American society, these jobs will be everywhere. When the novelty of a plant that looks like marijuana wears off, you’ll begin to see it planted all over the place.

Did you know that the Constitution of the United States is written on hemp? All the Founding Fathers grew cannabis on their farms, some for medicine, some for raw materials for things like paper and rope.

The future is green. Green Collar jobs will become a larger part of our lives. Even inner cities, like Wilmington where we’re based, will be home to thousands of acres of hemp.

What do you see in the future for Green Collar Jobs? Are you ready to invest in this future?

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