Delta 8 Gets Popular, regulation follows. Our thoughts.

You've probably seen or heard talk about the newly popular Delta 8 Hemp/THC and regulation rumors. You also may be curious as to our thoughts on this situation.

In our opinion Delta 8 is a craze that will soon fade. Delta-8 is bound to be significantly restricted without warning (key words). The inevitable incoming legislative concerns and bad press ensures this. It will differentiate the quick money vs long-view players in the game, thus, highlighting Eternel's strengths and sustainability on a couple of fronts.

Despite this, what we find most interesting about this craze is that we believe it foreshadows how the markets will react and innovate due to the full legalization of cannabis. More on that from us in the coming posts.

So how are we proceeding along?

1. We rely on great tech and solid financial fundamentals to guide our journey. We'll never be the team that chases after the latest craze looking for a quick dollar. It's not worth the risk to our growth.

2. We understand that the industry will soon come under regulation, this is a good thing. It forces low quality players out of the space, legitimizing the premium players like us.

Product quality across the industry will benefit, as will hemp's reputation in the marketplace.

3. We're as well, if not better positioned than our competition to adapt to evolving regulations. Given we’re an indoor farm, we control the input to our crops and therefore the output of our harvest. Should we need to adapt to changing standards we’re in better position than our competitors.

4. As a B2B organization, we don't need to chase retail trends. Good products and producer

s stand out compared to the mediocre players. We’d rather remain true to our mission and core values rather than deliver substandard service while promoting it as high quality.

5. Our current business model works. We’re not looking to fix what isn’t broken.

There are many great opportunities in this industry we could get involved in. However alluring, we are focused on doing what is right for our company and investors. We have seen how this industry punishes the not what is hot for the moment.

Delta 8 represents a gamble, and an obvious red flag to us. While it may be a market response to a weakly regulated space, it’s a contradiction to the spirit of THC laws, clear as day. Short term plays like this don’t fit with our strategy or philosophy.

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