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We are a premium hemp cultivation company that solves supply chain and genetics designers concerns with our technology-driven approach. An ethical company that minimizes prison recidivism and the cycle of poverty through compassionate capitalism. 


Eternel Hemp was founded by a team of cannabis professionals, indoor hemp farmers, technologists, and entrepreneurs. Taking a process and technology-driven approach to cultivation Eternel Hemp solves our emerging industry’s greatest challenges—supply chain bottlenecks created by lack of professionalism and crop inconsistencies.

Through Eternel Hemp, your crop is personalized to your precise specs, and our advanced technology is available to your team to keep them apprised of your crops in real-time. We work with each client to scale growing as demand increases and ensure quality, consistency, and professionalism from seed to harvest. Our crops are organic, pesticide-free, insect-free, and grown with sustainable hydroponic and vertical farming practices.

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With a technology and data-driven approach, we enhance returns by mitigating risks.  We offer low startup farming costs to our partners with uncompromised quality. Our success is our team’s success, which is why we provide two-tier profit sharing to all employees. It’s a win for all!


We are a double bottom line company founded on the principles of compassionate capitalism. As a proud minority-owned and MBE certified business, we aim to be the change we want to see in the world.


  1. We believe in reform and face the recidivism crisis and systematic racial injustice head-on by providing quality green collar employment, skills training, and mentorship opportunities to formerly incarcerated citizens.

  2. To minimize the cycle of poverty and the accelerating unemployment rates in low0\-income areas, we launched our business in a Delaware Opportunity Zone providing quality jobs as a true equal opportunity employer.

  3. Our business model provides immediate environmental and economic benefits, which is achieved through a variety of sustainable practices and community partnerships



Michael Brown

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Investor, Developer and Investment Manager with 25-years of experience spanning multiple geographic regions and property types within the U.S. Developed and or acquired approximately $2 Billion in real estate assets.

Dan Schoenbaechler

 Investment firm founder specializing in commercial real estate and other alternative assets..  Currently a co-General Partner of 892 units totaling $116MM in value.  A strategic approach is taken to analyzing lucrative opportunities for investors to obtain strong cash flow and tax benefits.     

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Ashish Khatana

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Matt Brewer

Andrew Stadelberger

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Technology executive with 18 years of experience across healthcare, management consulting, mobile, and interactive disciplines. Ten years experience in real estate acquisitions, repositioning and sales.

Trained agronomist with 25 years experience advising brands on best practices for development of successful and scalable commercial hemp & marijuana operations. Produced 15 rare cultivars spanning across Guatemala, Colombia, Spain, Australia and the US.

Multi-facted entrepreneur, Clio award winning creative industry veteran. Lead productions, teams, departments, and studios of varying sizes and disciplines across top New York ad agencies, production and music studios. Co-Founder of TheMIC NYC, a non-profit amateur artist organization and charitable fundraising operation.